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Top 5 NOLA Coffee Date Spots

Posted on Mar 21, 2012
By Amanda

Yes, I might belong in an episode of Portlandia due to my love of coffee shops but hear me out. As an alternative to grabbing a drink, a coffee date can allow for a belligerent-free meet up and quality time to discover your mutual love for people watching or blackout poetry. In selecting these New Orleans cafes, I considered not just the quality of coffee or espresso but also: crowdness, noise-level, interior environment, variety of drink and food options, price and location.

Here are the top five cuppas:

1. Il Posto Cafe, 4607 Dryades St, Uptown
This artisanal cafe has a minimal, rustic interior, reminiscent of an Italian country-home, that serves phenomenally fresh food and drinks. Because its off the beaten path, snagging a table engulfed in warm sunlight usually isnt a challenge. This Uptown spot is enchanting, easygoing, and ideal for drinking coffee with a new love interest.

2. Cafe du Monde, 800 Decatur St, French Quarter Usually overlooked as a touristy spot, sipping cafe au laits at Cafe du Monde is a great date option. Perfect for people watching, it has the buzz of a diverse crowd and rhythmic clinking of cups and dishes. And although the pigeons commotion might blow the beignet white powder dust up in a cloud, its totally romantic.

3. Cafe NOMA, #1 Collins Diboll Circle, City Park, Mid-City
This cafe is snuggled inside the New Orleans Museum of Art and its interior is punctuated with fine art and bright flowers. Providing a poetic view, its wall to ceiling length windows gaze out to City Park. And if the coffee runs out but the date is still going strong, Cafe NOMA has a variety of small dishes and sandwiches that could help feed any continued date appetite.

4. Fair Grinds, 3133 Ponce De Leon St, Mid-City
Tucked right off of Esplanade, this community favorite would serve well for a casual date. You can feel good about indulging on a vegan cupcake and espresso because the shop has heart felt intentions (all its beans are from fair trading). Id suggest soaking up your drinks on the patio area to fully experience Fair Grinds laid-back vibe.

5. Satsuma Cafe, 3218 Dauphine St, Marigny/Bywater
This brick-walled, art-filled Marigny hotspot makes a great first impression. It is literally fresh and peachy or should I say satsumy since its name originates from the local citrus fruit. Im appreciative of its creative menu; It offers a variety of light, delicious food but not forgetting the essential coffee options. Satsuma allows for no-pressure conversation and provides pleasant distractions.


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