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Virna Castillo


Virna Castillo, Café NOMA Supervisor, embarked on her remarkable journey in the hospitality industry in 1996, waiting tables at night while pursuing nursing school during the day. What began as a practical decision soon turned into a passion as she discovered her talent for and enjoyment of serving others.

Right after Hurricane Katrina, Virna joined Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group at Ralph's On The Park as a server, back waiter, front waiter, and party captain. Her dedication and hard work culminated in her opening her own restaurant, Café Taormina, where she served as manager and owner from 2009-2011. Thereafter, Virna went to Delgado Community College where she earned an associate degree in hospitality management. While in school, she returned to RBRG for an internship at Café NOMA, which she continued until her graduation in 2016. The internship solidified Virna's love for the food and beverage industry, steering her back to her true calling after a two-year stint in tourism.

In 2018, Virna rejoined Café NOMA, where she has been a valuable team member ever since. As the private events beverage supervisor, she oversees all the bars and takes great pride in crafting creative, thoughtful, and meaningful cocktails. She particularly enjoys designing summer exhibit cocktails and witnessing the joy they bring to guests.

Born and raised in New Orleans with her two siblings, Virna's parents emigrated from Honduras. Living in a Latin home, Virna primarily ate Latin cuisine and learned Spanish as her first language. Virna has one daughter, Gabriella, who lives in Singapore and teaches English to primary school children.